A dynamic central plaza connects visitors from the eastern and western gateways, offering a fine combination of enjoyable dining and unique shopping experience for every lifestyle need.

The signature second floor will be a prime destination for fashion savvy shoppers seeking the latest trends in clothing, footwear and accessories, for men and women alike.

Families will gravitate to the third floor to meet all of their lifestyle needs. The third floor combines every staple for today’s modern urban household, providing furniture and home decor, groceries, children’s fashion and educational tools all conveniently situated together on one level.

The fourth floor provides extensive facilities including an internationally -operated spa and fitness, a wide array of dining outlets including the food court and the spacious 180 sqm Vietnamese cuisine restaurant.

Shop Name Description Level
Phúc Long Over nearly 50 years of refining quintessence from green tea buds and premium coffee beans with the desire to bring customers the most valuable experience, Phuc Long is one of the pioneers in the tea and coffee industry of Vietnam with many creative ideas. Phuc Long IPH is the first ever brach located in North Vietnam, bringing the delicious tea flavor from Sai Gon to Ha Noi. 1F
Tous les Jours Developed based on the idea that the guess should be served with fresh breads “everyday” just as its name, Tous les Jours is the perfect combination of French breads and Korean style. Tous les Jours Bakery at IPH is a well-favoured destination for gatherings due to its lovely decouration with a view to Hanoi’s busy streets and especially hundreds of breads and cakes of all kinds that can pleased any guess. 1F
Guardian Guardian is a health and beauty retail chain committed to bringing you a wide variety of genuine and high quality products from leading manufacturers in Vietnam and around the world. Guardian’s main categories include facial care, cosmetics, skincare, personal care, health care and pharmacy products at selected stores. In addition, our well-trained and friendly staff and modern store concept will enhance your shopping experience to the next level. 1F
Nike Town Nike – the leading brand of the world in design, introduction and distribution of sports footwear. Nike also provides clothing and accessories for a wide range of sports and fitness activities. At IPH, Nike Town presents a variety of beautifully designed products that guarantee a unique and exciting shopping experience. 1F
Gangnam Bulgogi Located at IPH, GangNam Bulgogi, a brand from Kitchen TOK, is a family-style, smoke-free barbecue restaurant specialized in traditional Korean dishes, such as barbecue, bulgogi, bibimbap, stew kimchi soup, chicken ginseng … along with some free side dishes. With the sole mission of spreading the essence of Korean cuisine to the customers who wish to discover Korean flavor, Gangnam Bulgogi is pleased to welcome the guests to come and experience the unique and delicious served with each dish. 1F
Schmidt Vinothek With finest and excellent bottles of wines from Germany, Australia and Switzerland, Schmidt Vinothek was established in 2012 to cater to the diverse tastes of wine connoisseurs. Schmidt Vinothek is designed as a traditional wine cellar mixed with the modern vibe of red brick walls and curved wine shelves surrounded by transparent glass. Stylish and elegant, the disposition of Schmidt Vinothek at IPH is an invitation to come, enjoy and experience the most premium wines. 1F
Dagiya chicken As a culinary destination favored by customers, Dagiya Chicken is committed to constantly improving the quality of the service and bringing the best dining experiences to the customers. You will hardly find a second address that offers a unique Korean chicken flavor like Dagiya Chicken. 1F
Thai Express Succeeding in developing 30 restaurants around the world over the past 10 years, Thai Express is a clear description of Thai cuisine, from the unique presentation of the food to the community sharing style. Not only is Thai Express IPH a restaurant, it is also an ideal destination for you, your friends and relatives to share, enjoy and explore the delicious, native-flavored Thai food along with hospitable service.The experience through each flavor is the foundation for Thai Express to create a long-lasting relationship with customers. 1F
L’s Place With the motto “Come to L’s Place, find whatever you need”, L’s Place quickly became a familiar and highly recommended shopping destination, not only for expatriates and foreign tourists, but for the increasingly diversified appetites of the local Vietnamese consumers as well. After over 20 years, L’s Place has now expanded into a large network of stores found in nearly every district of central Ha Noi, with thousands of high-end, carefully selected products meeting international standards. 1F
Daruma Impressive decoration and rich Japanese menu are the main reasons for the fast food Japanese Restaurant Daruma at IPH to receive the love of many young people, especially those who favor the style of fast food style of Japan. As soon as you set foot in Daruma, you will feel the atmosphere of Japanese culture featured with warm yellow light, small tables divided by wood partition for each group to have private space to be able to enjoy food and chat. 1F
Sushibar Over 10 years of establishment and development, Sushibar has been on the journey to retain and bring the elite of Japanese cuisine to Vietnam. At Sushibar, diners can always feel a Japanese “originality” and tradition in each dish with the gentle, sophisticated, picky from texture to flavor. With a menu of more than 500 typical dishes passed down from the master chef of Japan, Sushibar takes customers traveling throughout the country. Elegant taste, eye-catching design is the product of all the shaping, the perfect, Sushibar’s respect for customers. 1F
Hotto Hotto is a fast-food style of modern Japan and also the first restaurant in Vietnam to use the pan to fry cooked food Teppan. 1F
Maneki Maneki Neko Deli is a restaurant specialized in Japanese sushi, sashimi, fried food and rice. Maneki at IPH is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. 1F
Pizza Hut “Pizza and more”. Pizza Hut is where you can enjoy delicious pizza with affordable price and đeicated service in a relaxing space. Come and experience a unique feature of Italian cuisine in Vietnam at Pizza Hut IPH. 1F
KFC “Finger lickin’ good”. With secret recipe from 11 herbs and spices, KFC’s excellent taste makes every customer curious and attracted. In addition to the western style dishes such as fried chicken and hamburgers, at Vietnam, KFC has create a number of dishes suitable for the taste and pocket Vietnamese such as Big’n Juicy Chicken, Bone Chicken, KFC Chicken Rice, Corn … 1F
AeonCitimart With over 20 years of establishment and development, Citimart has successfully built and brought in operation over 30 supermarkets nationwide. With various high-quality goods and brilliant display, Citimart is a familiar destination for office workers and families with more than 100,000 membership cards have been released. 1F
AUBE AUBE is a beauty salon with the name means “Dawn” in French. While expanding our chain of stores in Vietnam, we are not only looking forward to bringing you the latest in beauty services and technique from Japan, but also to contribute to the development of the Vietnamese beauty and fashion industry. AUBE IPH with hair stylists from Japan and staff in Vietnam is very pleased to welcome you. 1F
Matsuri Matsuri appeals to all Japanese food lovers with a menu of ramen noodles from the country of cherry blossom. Japanese fast food at Matsuri IPH is the perfect choice for every diner visitor. 1F
Samsonite To consumers, Samsonite’s image is not simply associated with luggage but also a confident style. Samsonite is at the forefront of the luggage industry by constantly innovating and creating the perfect products that includes luggage, conventional bags, backpacks, travel accessories, electronics bags and laptop bags. 1F
Yves Rocher Yves Rocher is a leading French brand in using natural ingredients in the production of cosmetics. During the last decade, over 30 million women have used and enjoyed the quality and effectiveness of Yves Rocher products. 1F
Converse Converse, established in 1908 in the US, has a wide range of styles and colors to offer customers a wide choice. Converse shoes bring youthfulness to the user, giving the user the freedom to do what they want. 1F
Vans Vans, a brand that specializes in clothing, footwear and accessories for extreme sports. Founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, with more than 40 years of development, Vans has become a leading brand for skateboarding and BMX sports, and is popular with many people around the world. Though the styles are simple, vans always bring you satisfaction while expressing the personal style as well as spirit OFF THE WAll 1F
Starbucks With the singular approach to business Starbucks always considers putting people before products. Starbucks makes sure everything is done to honor the connection with the customers – from the commitment to the highest quality coffee in the world, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly. To this day, Starbucks is privileged to connect with millions of customers every day with exceptional products and more than 17,000 retail stores in over 55 countries. 1F
Highlands coffee As a Vietnamese coffee shop, Highlands Coffee brings you the best of coffee with a fine mixture of Vietnamese tradition and favored coffee flavors. Highlands Coffee at IPH is a great place to relax and enjoy the surrounding life. 1F
The Body shop The most beautiful women are those who are natural. The Body Shop offers women products that enhance the natural beauty and give them confidence. 1F
Miniso With the motto “Get the product to the nature of it”; Miniso is not only a brand name but also a way of life. Miniso always offers customers high quality, innovative and affordable products. The products of Miniso include: Makeup, skin care, beauty tools, fashion accessories, travel goods, health care supplies, digital accessories, stationery, souvenirs , home appliances, personal utensils, jewelry, food … 1F
King BBQ The essense of King BBQ lies in the marinated sauce made from totally natural ingredients, an esoteric formula by Chef Park Sung Min with more than 40 years of research and processing experience. With over 200 delicacies from Korean culinary made by the chefs from the country of the ginseng at reasonable prices , King BBQ IPH promises to be a great experience for the guests. 1F
City Color City Color was created with the purpose of giving everyone an opportunity to feel Vibrant-Bold-Beautiful. City Color’ products are premier in quality, trendy and affordable. Considering consumers feedback and desires, City Color strives to develop innovation the beauty industry has yet to see every day. City Color’s mission is to equip everyone with professional quality makeup at reasonable price. 1F
Shirt by Hand Shirt by Hand has been selling tailor-made shirts since 2006. Come to Shirt by Hand IPH and the perfect made-to-measure shirt is within your reach. 1F
Feeling Tea Feeling Tea with over 10 years of establishment has been expanded into 10 stores all over Hanoi. Feeling Tea is proud to be the supplier of prestigous and high-quality tea with dynamic, experienced staff who always provide the best products for the customers. 1F
Nagomi Nagomi is a clinic affiliated with the specialists of the Japanese Academy of Periodontology, Japan Association for Clinical Dentistry, JIADS. With its private, elegant space and professional service, Nagomi wishes to provide an unmatched service for customers. 2F
Alysa Alysa is a fashion brand that always catches up with new fashion trends, desires to bring satisfaction to customers 2F
Bloom Spa Bloom Spa, the Japanese qualified spa in Vietnam, is owned and operated by Japanese expert Shizuka. Bloom Spa at IPH is committed to providing the latest technology, services and products that are trusted by the Japanese. 2F
Pierre Cardin Pierre Cadin fashion brand is known as one of the most elegant and luxurious fashion icons in the world. With the mission of bringing international fashion brand to customers, Pierre Cardin IPH is committed to bringing flawless products with exquisite designs. 2F
The Blues The Blues, the new version of Blue Exchange, is one of the leading fashion brands in Vietnam. The decoration and layout of the store at IPH provides a comfortable vibe for customers. For every season, the Blues are launching huge collections and capturing the hearts of young people. 2F
Bò Sữa Originally the first Skateshop store in Vietnam in 2003, Bo Sua has now been defined as a fully-made street fashion brand “Made in Vietnam” for Vietnamese young people, bringing Vietnamese spirit and creating breakthrough. 2F
Mộc Moc represents young people who love fashion and seriously pursue the industry. Moc always explores the design of three original criteria – minimalism – and always catch up with trends. 2F
Huonglee Corset HuongLee Corset produces and distributes the first high quality corset, female belly corsets, and high quality shaping shirts in Vietnam since 2013. Products provided by HuongLee Corset are always taken care of by each needle thread, carefully selected to bring comfort and high results to wearers. 2F
Casio Casio has become a famous brand for Japanese standards of variety and advancement. With precision speed, smart design, superior features, Casio is one of the best choices anytime, anywhere. 2F
Sunshine At Sunshine IPH, counselors will help you choose the optimal weight loss program and stay with you throughout the weight loss process. Sunshine understands that, with any method, you will face with certain difficulties when you want lose weight. Therefore, Sunshine’s consultants will help you choose the optimal weight loss program and always accompany you throughout the weight loss process. 2F
Premium Outlet Premium Outlet is the discount chain outlet of the ACFC company, specializing in supplying world famous fashion brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Tumi and Calvin Klein Jeans. 2F
Narsis Narsis, a leading Korean fashion brand of Viko Glowin Group, has come to Vietnam since 2001 and has established its position in the high-end fashion industry of Vietnam, giving the Vietnamese gentlemen diversified product designs with imported materials from Korea. 2F
Triumph Triumph International is one of the world’s leading underwear manufacturers. The global system, spanning more than 120 countries, links with online media channels to create the foundation of the Find The One community. Experience the Triumph today to feel the perfect fit as designed for your own body. 2F
Fujikima Fujikima massage chairs offer the following advantages: stretching the whole body, adjusting posture, rehabilitation, help reduce weight to regain healthy body. Especially with the function of warming the limbs to increase blood circulation and bring a pleasant feeling. 2F
Flower of Hand Flower of Hand is a Vietnamese handycraft brand that brings modern beauty from traditional simple features with high applicability. The mission of FOH is to contribute to the development of the handycraft industry and bring these products closer to Vietnamese life. 2F
Mochi Sweets With a wide range of stores, premium Mochi products of Mochi Sweets are becoming more familiar and famous. Through the introduction of modern flavors besides the traditional choices: from the red bean kernel to the new flavors such as Chocolate, Matcha and Blueberry, Mochi Sweets has succeeded in Japan’s market and many others. Come and enjoy premium Mochi cakes with 22 different flavors to choose from. 2F
King Case King Case specializes in providing phone cases and accessories with many models for different phones. King Case is committed to providing the best quality products, reasonable prices, in addition to a very enthusiastic service style of staff. 2F
tiNi World TiNi World is based on the idea of creating a wholesome playground for children through a combination of education and entertainment to create a safe, healthy, fun, international and community environment where all children can enjoy themselves, learn and develop. tiNi World strives to contribute to the comprehensive development of Vietnamese children. 3F
tini Store TiNi Store is a high-quality toy shop chain with world famous brands such as Hot Wheels, Barbie, Bambolina, Fisher Price, Hape, Mega Bloks … At IPH’s tiNi Store, parents can easily find lots of innovative and safe toys for children of many ages, satisfying the needs of healthy recreation and children’s development. 3F