A dynamic central plaza connects visitors from the eastern and western gateways, offering a fine combination of enjoyable dining and unique shopping experience for every lifestyle need.


The signature second floor will be a prime destination for fashion savvy shoppers seeking the latest trends in clothing, footwear and accessories, for men and women alike.


Families will gravitate to the third floor to meet all of their lifestyle needs. The third floor combines every staple for today’s modern urban household, providing furniture and home decor, groceries, children’s fashion and educational tools all conveniently situated together on one level.


The fourth floor provides extensive facilities including an internationally -operated spa and fitness, a wide array of dining outlets including the food court and the spacious 180 sqm Vietnamese cuisine restaurant.




Shop Name Description Level
Schmidt Vinothek Featuring an exquisite collection of fine wines from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Schmidt Vinothek was established in 2012 to meet the diverse tastes of Hong Kong wine connoisseurs.The interior design builds on the traditional wine cellar, adding a contemporary ambience through extraordinary furnishings that enhance the red brick walls, arched wine racks and the floor-to-ceiling glass facade.Stylish and elegant, the decor forms an open invitation for guests to enjoy a relaxed and cosy wine tasting experience. 1F
Van Chau Specializing in Vietnamese traditional noodle dishes. 1F
17504_617566601595730_609954039_n Akemi Akemi is an impressive showcase of New Asian Decor and ambience. Styled in a modern context, it encompasses the intertwining elements of culture and tradition to create a home with a distinctive soul. 1F
Citimart Established since 1994, Citimart is a shopping destination for all families and has developed into a supermarket chain with over 30 stores nationwide. Citimart has issued over 100.000 membership cards offering incentives for customers. 1F
Al Fresco’s After operating in Hong Kong since 1992, Al Fresco’s has now opened 29 restaurants in Vietnam. Al Fresco’s offers unpretentious high quality food, a variety in cuisines and value for money complimented with friendly service and a comfortable and casual environment that satisfy even the most seasoned patrons. 1F
Sushibar A total Japanese experience for the food, service, décor and ambiance plus suitable price makes Sushi Bar a place to go for Japanese cuisine. 1F
Burger King “Taste is King”. No doubt there are more than 11 million guests visiting Burger King around the world everyday. Premium ingredients, signature recipes and family-friendly dining experiences are what have defined the success of this second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. IPH is proud to be chosen as the destination for the first Burger King shop in the capital city. 1F
Pizza Hut “Pizzas and More”. Pizza Hut offers great pizzas at affordable prices and great services in a warm, friendly and comfortable environment. Truly a slice of Italy in Vietnam 1F
KFC “Finger lickin’ good”. With the secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, KFC special flavor attracts the enjoyment and curiosity of every customer. Beside traditional dishes such as fried chicken and hamburger, KFC has also satisfied the taste of Vietnamese with some new creations including Big ‘n Juicy, Chicken Rice, Colesaw… A real value for money. 1F
Matsuri Matsuri brings authentic Japanese ramen to all the Japanese cuisine foodies in Hanoi. Also, a rich menu of many other Japanese fast food dishes definitely makes Matsuri well worth a visit 1F
Nelson’s With the menu offering a full choice of nutrient-rich foods made from corns (corn in cup, corn juice and other corn-based drinks) and tasty fruit juices, Nelson’s will surely please all the guests. 1F
Toni&Guy Toni&Guy is an international icon offering the best in creative hairstyling suiting each client’s individual face, personality and lifestyle. With high-quality beauty products from US, UK as well as modern techniques, Toni&Guy at IPH will surely make the customers love the look they wear out the salon 1F
Highlands Coffee Highlands Coffee is all about great coffee. As a proudly Vietnamese brand, Highlands Coffee combines the best of the fast paced international world and the traditional charm of Vietnam. Highlands Coffee at IPH is a great place to relax and watch the world go by. 1F
Dunkin’s Donut Dunkin’s Donut offer an exciting menu full of delicious sweets and of course their world famous donuts. 1F
Tous Les Jours Tous les Jours is French for “Everyday” holding the idea of serving only freshly baked bread. Its concept is a fine combination of French flavor and Korean touch. Tous les Jours at IPH has been well-known as a wonderful gathering place in a such pleasant setting and great view over the crowded street complimented with a variety of delicious bread/cake that fit all tastes. 1F
Bourjois Since 1863, Bourjois Paris has offered women playful, accessible, and creative make-up, whilst displaying its personality: a Parisian friend loved by all. Creating the first powder blush, Bourjois Paris has established itself as a master of make-up innovation and a colour expert. Unique concepts, a palette of incredible colours, an explosion of effects, and sensual textures make up the signature of these “made in Paris” products. 1F
It’s Skin It’s Skin is a famous Korean cosmetics brand basing on various clinical experiences to achieve ideal skin. It’s Skin, with the prescription based on skin safety of the customers, will regain the original energy of the healthy skin for you. The true beauty is the image of the original skin itself. That is It’s Skin. 1F
The Body Shop There is only one way to be beautiful, it’s nature’s way. The Body Shop brings you products bursting with effectiveness to enhance every woman’s natural beauty and makes women feel good about themselves. 1F
Yves Rocher Yves Rocher was a French pioneer of the modern use of natural ingredients in cosmetics. For half a century over 30 million women around the world have enjoyed the quality and effectiveness of Yves Rocher products. 1F
Carlorino Carlo Rino, the name that is synonymous with up-to-date trend, fresh and youthful, constantly present to its fashionistas with products and accessories that are innovatively designed and always in tune with the latest fashion trends. Carlo Rino’s style is all about femininity and functionality that take the fashion scene to another level. 1F
Samsonite Samsonite’s not just in the business of making luggage, that’s also in the business of building confidence. Samsonite has set an industry precedence by perfecting and innovating luggage, casual bags, backpacks, travel accessories, and now electronics carriers and laptop bags. 1F
Boo station
(Bosua, DC Comics, Infamous)
Owning 3 stylist brands including Bosua, Infamous and DC Comics, being a trend-setter in the fashion industry and an avant-garder in the young community are what truly define Boo in the Vietnamese market. Not just fashion, it’s also the influence. 1F
Adidas Neo Whenever one mentions “youth”, we think of fun, vibrancy and spontaneity – and Adidas captures just that for its latest teen-inspired label, NEO. Filled with an explosion of colors and dynamic patterns, Adidas NEO includes a variety of styles and designs suited for today’s fashionable youth without excluding the essence of the brand’s sport elements. 1F
Sun & Time Eyewear is what completes your outfit. Sun & Time, a multi-brand eyewear store including Marc Jacobs, Cartier, Tag Heuer, David Yurman, Judith Leiber… proposes what makes your perfection. 1F
Nike Town Nike’s flagship store Nike Town, right on the façade of IPH, displays the full range of Nike products in an incredible setting and offers the customers a unique shopping experience. Don’t miss the chance to check it out. 1F
Levi’s Time magazine once named Levi’s jean the Fashion Item of the Century. More than fashion, Levi’s means style, a declaration of personality and a must-have in every fashionista’s closet. 1F
Sembonia Since established in 1994, SEMBONIA is one of the top rapidly growing brands of leather-wear. It is very much an established brand with all extensive range of products that include shoes, bags and other leather accessories. With over 88 outlets in 10 countries, the brand offers versatile designs that make it possible for each individual to create his or her own unique fashion
Nike Town Nike’s flagship store Nike Town, right on the façade of IPH, displays the full range of Nike products in an incredible setting and offers the customers a unique shopping experience. Don’t miss the chance to check it out. 2F
John Henry An iconic American brand of shirts for men that reflects a simplified lifestyle. First coming to Vietnam since the early 2000s, John Henry has now won over the Vietnamese gentlemen’s loyalty by the world-renowned American design elements and colorations. 2F
The Blues The Blues is a new format of Blue Exchange, a Vietnamese leading fashion retailer, which is flagship store with various brands designed for a broad range of customers. The store design and display bring customers a feel of comfort while browsing, choosing and trying on clothes. Big collections coming out each season make The Blues a trendy brand that can easily be spotted in the young community. 2F
Viettien As a prestige Vietnamese garment corporation, Viettien brand has gained a reputation in the market. Beside Viettien brand, the trademark San Sciaro & Manhattan has been famous as upper market’s products both domestically and internationally. 2F
Bon Bon BonBon is a trademark for women who are free-spirited and young at heart. BonBon lingeries can be pop as well as glamorous, and sometimes just extremely soft and comfy. 2F
IPH Premium Outlet IPH Premium Outlet is home to affordable branded apparels such as Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Jeans, Banana Republic, Diesel that offers great savings on all items up to 70%.Especially, IPH Premium Outlet is the first and the only place in Hanoi at the moment where customers can find trendy items from Banana Republic – a world wide known American clothing line. It offers both men and women clothes in regular, petite, and plus sizes including a variety of looks from casual to ultra-dressy so that every customer can find the perfect fit. 2F
Edenshop Edenshop offers best cosmetics handmade for your beauty & health. 2F
Boo Outlet Boo Outlet offers many stylist items from all brands of Boo such as Bosua, INFAMOUS, Picked by BOO, adidasNEO with a “shock” price all the time. 2F
Casio Casio timepieces have become well known for the wide variety and innovation by Japanese standards. Capturing the essence of speed and intelligence, Casio is perfect for every function whether you are travelling, at work or at home. 2F
Eternal Sunshine Eternal Sunshine is the Vietnamese exclusive distributor of healthcare nutrition products such as Cambridge, ChildLife, Mato, Vivera and SkinMT X. With a professional consultation team, Eternal Sunshine has satisfied the most seasoned customers with quality products and excellent customer services. 2F
Tous Les Jours Tous les Jours is French for “Everyday” holding the idea of serving only freshly baked bread. Its concept is a fine combination of French flavor and Korean touch. Tous les Jours at IPH has been well-known as a wonderful gathering place in a such pleasant setting and great view over the crowded street complimented with a variety of delicious bread/cake that fit all tastes. 2F
NZ Ice Cream Always made of the freshest and purest cream and ingredients, NZ Icecream is proudly what people call the decent ice cream. Choosing anything from the menu means clicking the LIKE button. 3F
Sox Box Pierre Cardin Socks are ideal for everyday wear with a simple classic design. Pierre Cardin socks have a ribbed and elasticated cuff for added comfort and durability. 3F
Z Pizza Inspired by California and a healthy way of life, Z Pizza gives the so-called Italian pizzas a taste of the American way using natural fresh ingredients and creative toppings. Great choice for all fans of pizza. 3F
Sunrise Kids Sunrise Kidz is the first Pre-school in Vietnam to adopt the internationally recognized Montessori methods and intergrate with the traditional Vietnamese culture and heritage coupled with unrivaled unique nutrition and care of Vietnam. The fifth branch IMSK (International Montessori Sunrise Kidz) which locates on the third floor of IPH Building has brought an environment encouraging discovery by designing each classroom with separate functions: Music, Science, Dancing, Art, Montessori room… 3F
Tiniworld tiNiWorld Edutainment Center was first introduced to the Vietnam market as a concept of playground for kids which incorporates education and entertainment with a very simple mission: Create a safe, healthy, fun, international and community environment for all children to play, learn and develop, utilizing the Edutainment methodology. tiNiWorld strives to share a key role of shaping the childhood experience of children in Vietnam. 3F
Toy Kingdom Regarded as one of the most favorite brands globally, Toy Kingdom helps children develop imagination, creativity, fun, learning, caring and quality. 3F
Kid’s Kingdom As a leader in developing engaging and quality toys that capture children’s imaginative spirit in fun and fresh ways, Kid’s Kingdom offers endless “Fun for the Future”. 3F
Centro Centro at IPH is the first retail store of Falcon Group – a premier interior specialist from Singapore. Centro provides furniture that stands the test of
time and the designs that exude modern elegance in every aspect – form, function, quality and finishes. As a furniture manufacturer, Centro understands the intricacies of fine craftsmanship combined with a contemporary outlook while embracing the traditional values in home living.
5D Cinema Five dimensional cinema combines the revival of the 3D glasses with moving seats and a combinations of scents, wind and water vapor sprayed into your face. With new movies updated regularly, 5D Cinema truly is a worthwhile experience. 4F
Elite Fitness & Spa Elite Fitness is the Luxury Fitness Network providing you an ultimate experience that can be tailored to suit your personal fitness and wellness needs. With the state-of-the-art equipment, well-trained staff and signature programs in a spacious 3000-sqm facility, Elite Fitness at IPH is designed to meet your discerning and inimitable needs. Owning Elite Fitness member card, you are granted a bunch of choices to enjoy life. 4F
Pho 37 A must-visit for anybody who wants to explore Vietnamese street food under one roof ranging from North, Central and South of Vietnam. A new addition of the Nan n Kebab restaurant also brings in new level of texture in the menu of 37th Street. The ambiance created by natural wood furniture, ceramic dishes, mouth-watering smell of food and relaxing background music is what makes 37th Street a new favorite place to eat in Cau Giay district. 5F