Dec 2013

“The Friends” Exhibition

8 December 2013

On the 8 December 2013, a painting exhibition called “The Friends” to display the artwork of the “little artists” at Indochina Plaza Hanoi has attracted a great attention and interest from both children and their parents.

The mini-gallery was held by talented young artist Luong Son Giang and his pupils aiming to present contemporary artworks through the eye of the children to the audience. The event offered an art space with colorful paintings expressing a view about the world through brightly, funny and cheerful children’s minds made the audiences really excited to discover.

Coming to the exhibition, the children had an opportunity to experience life and the world in different perspectives from their friends, as well as a chance to learn and develop the ability to create their own. The exhibition was a meaningful gift from Indochina Plaza Hanoi and the artist to our children.

Friends ExhibitionFriends Exhibition_02