Apr 2014

Summer Photo Campaign “LET’S POSE FASHION”


Participants: Everyone who has a passion for fashion, fancies branded American apparel (Gap, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein Jeans, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Tumi) and would love to flaunt their sense of style and personality.

Where: IPH Premium Outlet – 2nd Floor, Indochina Plaza Hanoi, 241 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay

When:   30.4 – 31.5.2014


Step 1: Like Indochina Plaza Hanoi’s fanpage, check-in “IPH Premium Outlet” on personal facebook, publicize campaign information on the wall before trying on outfits and taking photographs.

Step 2: Pick up the best items, mix & match, and style up yourself

Step 3: Pose in style to have your best photo taken with IPAD Air by store’s staff and self-create a digital postcard with Instagram. Each participant will be given a printed postcard they have just created by themselves as a lovely souvenir from IPH Premium Outlet.

Step 4: Each photo will be uploaded into “Let’s Pose Fashion” Album on Indochina Plaza Hanoi’s fanpage. Customers can share and call for their friends to vote and win the big 10.000.000 prize.


  • Campaign rules are announced on www.facebook.com/indochinaplazahanoi and www.iph.vn on 24.04.2014.
  • IPH will upload the style-up photos into “Let’s Pose Fashion” Album on Indochina Plaza Hanoi’s fanpage. Participants can call for votes from their friends and only the “like” via the album is valid.
  • The campaign does not restrict the number of participation from one person but participant must show up in the photos. IPH owns the copyright of all the photos for every purpose and usage without having to ask participants’ permission or pay any fees.
  • IPH reserves the right to adjust the campaign rules or dismiss any fraud or uncultured case without prior notice or explanation.
  • IPH Premium Outlet’s staff won’t be able to join the campaign.


  • Weekly prize: at 23.59 o’clock every Wednesday starting 07.05.2014, IPH Premium Outlet will temporarily close the vote to find out the winner of the week with most “likes” and prize will be awarded on the following day at 14.00 o’clock. Winning photo will be printed as large-size poster and featured at IPH Premium Outlet. Winner will be given a VIP Card “IPH Exclusive Card” with incentives up to 10% on many products and services at IPH and also refunded in full the value of the outfit worn in the photo if it has already been purchased or given 50% discount voucher for the next purchase.
  • Special prize: all photos are still open for vote until 23.59 o’clock on 31.05.2014. After that, IPH will officially close the vote to find out the final winner with most “likes” since the beginning of the campaign and special prize will be awarded at IPH Premium Outlet at 14.00 o’clock on 06.06.2014 which includes:

♥ 10.000.000 vnd gift voucher at IPH Premium Outlet

♥ The outfit worn in the photo

♥ VIP Card “IPH Exclusive Card” with incentives up to 10% on many products and services at IPH

Like us to join and win!

Let’s Pose Fashion and Be a Star!