Jan 2016

Natsu Matsuri – 09.08.2015

Time: 9:30 – 17:00; 09/08/2015
Location: Central Courtyard
Among the series of seasonal festivals which take place on an annual basis, Natsu Matsuri 2015 is created with the theme of “Fun challenges with Nguu Lang – Chuc Nu”, remarking 5 years of Natsu Matsuri in Vietnam. Coming to the event, the guests can experience various activities and enjoy the arts of cosplay, music and drama. Especially, there will be the biggest Cosplay competition of the year – Viet Nam Cosplay Championship 2015 (Round 1) in which the 2 best cosplayers will get a special 7-day-6-night trip to Japan.
Besides, with the participation of the famous cosplayer Siu Tao from Hongkong and 02 Vietnamese special guests Seiran and Dan, Natsu Matsuri will surely satisfy both Otaku community and the young people in Hanoi.