Apr 2015

IPH Street Art Battle – April 2015

Don’t miss out April street art battles with the participation of talented artists that will take place from 14:30 – 17:00 every Saturday at IPH. A truly extraordinary experience for those who love street arts with 4 attractive competitions through 4 weeks


  • Week 1 (04/04): INLINE SKATING

With judge Nguyen Van Khanh – the first week of this “street festival” will be warmed up by Inline Skating challenges. The audience will have exciting moments when contestants glide through the air with their “magic wheels”.

  • Week 2 (11/04): FREESTYLE FOOTBALL

Together with the participation of Do Kim Phuc – the winner of Asian football champion 2013, week 2 is a gathering of various ‘freestylers’ in Hanoi which will amaze all guests with beautiful football tricks.

  • Week 3 (18/04): BMX MASTER

Come and see how many cycling tricks that BMX gamers can accomplish on their BMX. The judge of week 3 is Nguyen Trung Duc – the famous BMX gamer who was well-known from Vietnam’s Got Talent 2012

  • Week 4 (25/04): STREET MAGIC

The magic competitions will blow the mind of every guest at IPH on April 25th. . The two judges will be Magician Adrian Le Viet Anh and Magician J.

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Indochinaplazahanoi