Jun 2016

IPH Once Upon A Time – 01.06.2016

poster once upon a time

Time: 19:00 – 21:00, 01/06/2016
Location: IPH Central Courtyard

Once upon a time, at IPH land, there was a fairy kingdom which always fulled of bliss and the magical creatures. One day, the witch of the dark appeared and cursed that the kingdom wold be engulfed in murky darkness. The only way to lift the curse was someone who could collect enough 04 magic flowers at 04 distant lands : the deep forests, the blue sea, the barren desert, the snow and iced land. And Green Fairy – who received the lofty mission began her challenging journey ”
Let’s join with us in the magical space of IPH Once Upon a Time – the musical play about a fairy tale which will be told at IPH for the first time. All of you will be a part of the Kingdom who will support the Green Fairy in the journey to find 04 magic flower. You will also have a chance to meet and play with various of famous characters in fairy tales: Alibaba, Mermaid Tarzan, Snow White and the 7 dwarfs … as well as having a lot of special experiences which can only happen in your imaginary world and get attractive gifts.
The event will be attended by famous celebrities: Actor Manh Truong and his lovely daughter – Chip; Yen Trang – runner of VIP Dance for Kids contest , singer Le Anh – Le Trang and other talented artists…