Sep 2012

IPH inaugurates the most unique shopping center in Hanoi

IPH Shopping Center is the latest shopping center in Hanoi which opened its doors on 31st August, 2012 to customers a leisure and entertainment center with an emphasis on a wide selection of Food & Beverage that will attract a steady stream of families and the young and the young-at-heart.

Apart from the families living in Indochina Hanoi Plaza residential towers and the office tenants occupying the office space there are also approximately 39,000 students on the door step. In addition 45% of the population in the target catchment area are between the ages of 15 and 34. Indochina Plaza Hanoi ( IPH) shopping center should be a magnet for a broad range of customers including the student population, young people and families, where they can hang out, relax and socialize. Conceived as an accessible, happening and affordable social hub, IPH will be the perfect gathering place.

The friendly and inviting landscape of IPH is surrounded by tall trees, open walkways and artificial water pathways which not only follow a Feng shui practices but also provide an interesting feature point for the building. Inside the shopping center, the floor layout and facilities are arranged in a professional and convenient way that encourage circulation and exploit the commercial value of the tenants space. Most importantly, the interior design of IPH rewards customers with an idyllic and enjoyable shopping destination experience. At the heart of the development is a unique 2000 sqm open-air plaza which forms the inside the whole complex. It is not only the ideal space for events such as fashion catwalks, art and culture exhibitions, fairs and other outdoor activities but also a relaxing and peaceful space for anyone entering into IPH which cannot be found in other shopping center’s environments. A true urban oasis.

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