Jul 2012

Interest Subsidy Program for new buyers at Indochina Plaza Hanoi

On July 9th 2012, Vietcombank and Indochina Land officially signed the Interest subsidy program that has never before been available in Vietnam. Effective from July 5th of July to 5th of November 2012, the program offers new buyers 0% interest upon their debt financing to buy quality apartment at Indochina Plaza Hanoi for one year, while only depositing 40% of the contract value. After accepting the loan and signing the contract, clients can also benefit from a one year grace period. Under the new program, families now can enjoy the Indochina Plaza Hanoi lifestyle with much less financial strain.

To capitalize on this incredible opportunity, please contact Indochina Plaza Hanoi’s sales team at: 1 900 555 96 or email sales@iph.vn