Dec 2013

Boo Skateboarding Day

Boo Skateboarding Day24 November 2013

As usual, Boo Skateboarding Day 2013 was held on the 24 November at Indochina Plaza Hanoi attracted many young people and did not disappoint those youngsters who just wanted to unleash their passion for skateboarding.

Starting from 2006, Boo Skateboarding Day was the first official playground for enthusiasts of the skateboard sport. Over the last 6-year happening, Boo Skateboarding Day has created a brand for quality playground skater and street art lover society. Boo Skateboarding 7 was inspired by Dong Ho folk paintings with the meaning of bringing the Vietnamese soul of culture into sport activities of young generation. Boo Skateboarding Day 2013 was also celebrated as a festival of street art activities such as: BMX performances, hiphop dance, street magic, juggle ball art, Acoustic band, Flea Market…